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General FAQs

Below is a list of general frequently asked questions.

(Each OnShift® Employ client has their own guidelines. Be sure to check directly with the company’s Human Resource department.)

I submitted my application online. How do I know you got it and what do I do next?

The moment you click 'submit', we’ve got it. Make sure you continue through the other pre-hire documents. If you are not sure if there were additional documents, CLICK HERE to learn where to find them. The next step is an HR representative will evaluate your submission and may invite you to the next step in the hiring process. Watch your e-mail!

I submitted my application a few months ago and some of my information has changed. Can I update my profile and application?

Account Profile: At any time, log into your Dashboard and visit "Update Profile". 

Application: Yes, as long as the application is active. Log into your dashboard. Click on the job title in Active Applications. On the right side in “Process Stages” click on the pencil icon next to Application Form.
Be sure to sign and resubmit to save updates.

I was only able to select one location to submit my application but I would like to be considered for other locations. Do I need to fill out additional applications to be considered for other locations?

Unless noted on the specific company's career page: Yes.  All of the information you entered before is saved. After selecting the job/location, review the information that populates into the new application and check its accuracy. Then, select “SAVE AND CONTINUE” to advance through the application. You'll need to do this for all the pre-hire forms, but since all of the information is already saved, this step takes moments to complete.  If you have applied for a position that required an assessment, this will not need to be retaken.

I would like to apply for multiple jobs. Do I need to fill out additional applications?

Yes. (See answer to question above.)

May I simply come in and submit my resume or pick up a paper employment application?

Please check directly with the company you are applying to. They may have a kiosk workstation. Public libraries usually have computers to use for free.

May I have someone else complete my application?  

If you need someone's help to complete the application, that's up to you.  But bear in mind that when you digitally sign the application, you are swearing that the information was provided by you and you have read the disclaimer.  Your digital signature is as legally binding as your physical signature.

Can I delete my application or withdraw from a position?

Online applications are considered legal documents and may not be deleted. You may, however, withdraw  from a position should you choose. If you are having trouble withdrawing, please contact us via phone or email to withdraw your application.

I received an error while attaching my resume. What do I do?

Review the size and type of the document you are trying to attach. Acceptable formats and size limitations are listed in the upload files toolbox. 

I uploaded my résumé to parse and it did not parse correctly. 

Application technical support: email Contact: support@onshift.com    
Call toll free  800-385-1494 option 2  with any relevant information so that we can troubleshoot your problem. Please note our support team will not have answers to job specific or company questions. Please reach out to the company you are applying to.

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