OnShift, Inc

Submit Interest to Subscribe to Alerts

If you don’t see a job you’re ready to apply to, you can subscribe to alerts for future openings by submitting interest.  

The submit interest link is typically found at the bottom of the Current Openings page or on the company’s home page. 

The submit interest form provides options for uploading your resume (should you choose to apply later),  opting-in to text messaging and completing registration.

To opt-in to texting, change the Contact Method to Text Message. Confirm we can text you by clicking the new box that appears (“May we text you…”).

To share a resume or other documents, check the last option (”Do you want to setup your account now? …”). 

Note: You will be prompted to submit your resume after submitting the page.

Select the job(s), location(s) and shifts available that you’re interested in, then click Submit.

If you opted to upload a resume, click the upload icon.

Choose a file from your library and click Submit File.

To manage subscriptions, log in to your Dashboard > Update Profile >  Email Preferences.

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