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Unable to submit employment application


"Some required fields are empty. Please review your entries, including any prior sections marked with an alert."


1.) Spend a moment to open each section of the application to be sure all required fields are complete.

Missing fields are highlighted in a red box and a red asterisk.

Check dates of employment. Format must be mm/yyyy



Quickly identify missing required fields by jumping to the signature page and click submit (without signing).

2.) Your internet browser may be out-of-date. How do I know if my internet browser is out-of-date? 

Most common issues:

→ Data is not saving
→ Page is not loading
→ Signature box is missing or unable to click in signature box to sign the application

** Employ Technical Support will be unable to salvage data lost when an out-of-date browser is used to fill out an employment application. Please try an alternative browser.  **

Find a selection of up-to-date browser downloads here: http://outdatedbrowser.com/en 

Still unable to submit? Please contact Employ Technical Support: support@onshift.com  or call toll free (866)342-4280. Send a description of what is happening (error message popup?)  or screenshot if possible.

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