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My email is already in use message?


"I was trying to fill out an application online. When I tried to sign up it said ‘Welcome back’ however, I have never applied to your company. I was just wondering if I could get that either fixed or something."



This message appears because you may have:

→ Possibly applied to this company and don’t recall.

→ Applied via Indeed Easy Apply. When you apply from Indeed, a profile is started for you in OnShift Employ. Simply use the Forgot Password link to create a password and login.

→ Created a profile with another OnShift Employ client.

In OnShift Employ, an email may only be used once in a single registered profile. You may use the same email and password for any customer’s online application that uses OnShift Employ.

→ Use the 'Forgot Password' link to create a password and login.
Should you no longer have access to, or remember the old email address, please contact support@onshift.com


To identify if you are on an OnShift Employ site - scroll to the bottom of the page to view the highlighted text


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